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Buen Camino, el Noroeste de la Ribera del Duero
Stand 25
Buen Camino, el Noroeste de la Ribera del Duero

Guademeya 2015

Spain, DO Ribera del Duero
Ex-Cellar €32.00
Buen Camino 2016
Noroeste 2019
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Javier Vallejo
Founder, Buen Camino


Appearance: red cherry noble picota. Clean and bright. Nose: Complex aromas that express the characteristics of the terroir. Pure balsamic aromas reminiscent of ripe plums, wild blackberries and the countryside with a slight toasted background (liquorice, black pepper and toffee). Taste: strong and lively at the beginning, fruity, well-balanced and structured. Well-proportioned between its freshness and its fine tannins, well-rounded and long-lasting. Recommended serving temperature: from 15 to 17 centigrade





Analytical data


1.8 g/l residual sugar
5.05 g/l acidity

Vineyard: Guademeya

This wine is crafted by selecting the best grapes from ‘’Guademeya’’, a vineyard located in the extreme northwest of the Ribera del Duero. Guademeya itself expresses the typical nature of this characteristic terroir. The land is worked naturally, without any utilisation of herbicides and pesticides. Guademya is situated on a slope which lies between 850 and 900 m above sea level and faces the south. The composition of its soil is limestone on the bottom with marl on the top, making it a characteristic low-nutrient ground. This remarkable aspect produces low yields, which, together with minimum intervention and natural health from the local and persistent Atlantic wind blowing through the Esgueva Valley, allows us to obtain an exceptional fruit

Vine density: 1,250
Yield: 26 hl/ha


Apparent color: darkRed
Intensity: deep


Aroma intensity: intense
Fruit: moderate
Floral: moderate
Spice: moderate
Wood: restrained


Acidity: medium
Body: complex
Tannins: soft

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